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Local Public Resources on COVID-19 本地政府及社区新冠防治公共健康资源 (08-30-2020)


马里兰州卫生部  Maryland Department of Health

维吉尼亚州卫生部  Virginia Department of Health

哥伦比亚特区政府COVID-19专题网页  District's COVID-19 Website

马州蒙郡卫生局 Department of Health and Human Services, Montgomery County, MD​​

蒙郡卫生局亚裔健康促进部 Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI)

蒙郡卫生局传染病控制热线电话: 240-777-1755​

维州费郡卫生局 Fairfax County Department of Health, VA 

马州哈维郡卫生局 Howard County Department of Health, MD 

维州政府低收入服务社区诊所 Neighborhood Health, 电话:703-535-5568

Has multiple clinical sites in the City of Alexandria, Arlington County, and Fairfax County.


泛亚义务门诊新冠服务中文专线电话: 301-798-6001



Welcome to CACHS 大华府社区健康服务中心

Chinese American Community Health Services was initially formed as a group of community volunteers in 2011 and was then incorporated in 2016. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our mission is to promote health and well-being through community  outreach in the Washington DC metropolitan area. We formed to foster collaboration among community organizations and to support local efforts to meet the needs of those in need of health services.​


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