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Chinese American Community Health Services (CACHS) is a nonprofit community organization that is primarily operated by volunteers that dedicates itself to organizing charitable and public health services.

The origins of CACHS can be traced back to the community health volunteering activities in the Chinese American community in Northern Virginia in the early 2010s that were initiated by Dr Nathan (Yining) Wang, Dr. Benson Yu, Sabrina Hsu, and other enthusiastic individuals. In 2016, the organization was officially registered in Maryland and approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

As a charitable community service institution, CACHS has been organizing annual free health screenings for low-income and uninsured individuals and community health fairs in Fairfax County in Virginia, and Montgomery and Howard Counties in Maryland since 2016. These events have provided free health check-ups, medical consultations, and flu vaccinations as charitable services. Additionally, CACHS has been regularly hosting educational events such as community webinars, workshop series, and training. The topics covered include public health resources, youth mental and behavioral health, senior wellness, chronic disease prevention, etc.

Since March 2020, assisting community members in coping with the COVID-19 pandemic has become a major focus of CACHS’s services. During the three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, CACHS’s accomplishments in assisting community members include: 1) Operated a volunteer vaccine clinic in Fairfax County from March to May 2021 and provided nearly a thousand doses of the COVID-19 vaccines to approximately 500 individuals over the course of nine weekends; 2) Assisted nearly a thousand local Chinese community members through a Chinese speaking hotline, providing information on COVID-19 vaccination, testing, prevention guidelines, vaccine appointment scheduling, and obtaining testing kits; 3) Hosted eight large community health webinars on the topic of COVID-19 and its local resources, with an average attendance of nearly 200 people per webinar; 4) Prepared approximately 50 educational articles on COVID-19 and its local resources in Chinese, published them through local Chinese media including newspapers and online websites, and distributed through social media WeChat groups; 5) Hosted four series of multiple-session education workshops on youth mental health and two trainings on youth mental health first aid for local Chinese American parents, serving nearly 200 individuals in total.

Vision and Mission

Vision: To increase health awareness and accessibility of services to build a healthier community.


  • To promote health equity among Asian Americans in the Washington Metropolitan area through community outreach and direct services.
  • To engage with partners from local communities and government agencies to
    improve the health and wellbeing of Asian Americans, in particular the 200,000 Chinese Americans living in the region, with specific attention to those who are underserved or have linguistic barriers to healthcare services.
  • To foster collaboration among community-based health service organizations and to support local efforts to provide health services to those in need.

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